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Sustainability was an important aspect during the construction of Van der Valk Hotel Schiedam, which included the BREEAM Outstanding certification. This certificate is the highest attainable sustainability certificate. The purpose was to build BREEAM Outstanding and we succeeded! In addition, our hotel was the first who achieve this classification in Schiedam. Which made us very proud.

The responsibilities in the field of BREEAM were shared by the cient, the architect, the main contractor, the main installer and the BREEAM expert. The client has expressed an opinion about sustainability and has focused this in the intended BREEAM score. The architect, main contractor and main conformed to this BREEAM score during the design and construction process. They had to demonstrate this with calculations, certificates with material specifications and other qualitative and quantitative evidence. The BREEAM expert acted as an advisor during the entire process and verified it with the BREEAM guideline.


  • We do whatever it takes
  • The highest rating on the Green Key
  • Exclusive use of LED lighting


The Building Research Establishment's Enviromental Assessment Method is the leading and most widey used assessment method to determine the sustainability performance of buildings. With this method, projects are assessed for integral sustainability. The use of this method contributes to the achievement of the following goals and objectives:
- Realizing sustainable buildings with minimal impact on the environment;
- Making it possible to distinguish buildings according to sustainability;
- Providing a credible quality mark;
- Stimulating the demand for sustainable buildings.

- Provide market recognition of buildings with low environmental impact;
- Ensuring that ''Best Practices'' are included in buildings;
- Setting standards and criteria that go beyond legal requirements and challange the market to deliver innovative solutions that optimize sustainability;
- Raising the awareness of owners, users, developers and managers of the benefits of building with a limited impact on the environment.