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Schie you soon

Schiedam is located between Rotterdam and Vlaardingen, originally on the Schie and later also on the Nieuwe Maas. The city is known worldwide for its jenever production, the historic city center with historic harbors (in other Dutch cities they would be called 'canals') and the highest windmill star in the world. The history of the city of Schiedam goes back to the 13th century. A dam was probably built around 1230 near the mouth of the Schie to protect the polder land against seawater. In 1275 city rights were granted. The eighteenth century was Schiedam's Golden Age: the cessation of liquor imports from France made possible the emergence of the Schiedam gin distillery. Schiedamsejenever was exported all over the world from dozens of distilleries and distilleries. The jenever industry gave Schiedam the nickname 'Black Nazareth', because the soot from the distilleries and glass factories colored the city black. Around 1880 more than a million bottles of jenever were produced in Zwart Nazareth. Blood, sweat and tears were shed to make that beautiful old gin. The industry has now largely disappeared, but the Schiedam windmills still define the townscape. A large number of former roasteries also remind us of the roasting time. The Jenever Museum has been located in one of these distilleries, located on the historic Lange Haven, since 1996.

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  • Korenbeurs


    The Schiedammer Korenbeurs or Koopmansbeurs is a national monument from 1786-'92. Malt wine, grains and rinses were traded in the Korenbeurs. This trade was directly related to the Schiedam distilleries for jenever. The Korenbeurs has been repaired and renovated several times over the years. In February 2015, the building was adapted for the arrival of the public library. On 6 June 2015, the Library was officially opened at its new location in the Korenbeurs. The covered courtyard has become a courtyard garden, a green atrium with tall trees and plants. The library became the second best library of the year in 2016. The courtyard garden, designed by Zuidkoop, has won the 2016 title “Interior Planting of the Year”.

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  • Distillers District

    Distillers District

    Schiedam is the distilling city of the Netherlands. Not only because of the past, but also because of the present. With renowned jenever, liqueurs and gin producers within the city limits, Schiedam plays a central role within the industry and the tourism sector. In Schiedam you can smell, taste and see genever and gin everywhere. In the historic city center, many buildings and the 7 tallest windmills still remind us of the time when Schiedam was the international heart of the jenever industry.

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  • Jenever Museum

    Jenever Museum

    Step into the world of jenever. Experience the history, present and future of jenever in the Jenever Museum. See the distillers in action, listen to inspired stories and of course a tasting is one of the possibilities. In the Branderij, the gin distillers make the malt wine jenever Old Schiedam, exactly as they did 300 years ago. According to the traditional Dutch Method, after a recipe from 1700. In the Branderij you will receive a free explanation from a distiller or an employee of the museum, upon presentation of a valid entrance ticket.

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  • The Waag

    The Waag

    The Waag van Schiedam, a national monument at Nieuwstraat 36, is attached to the tower of the Grote of Sint-Janskerk. Schiedam got its first weigh house in 1339 in the space under the City Hall, which also served as a cloth and meat hall. In 1579 the weigh house moved next to the tower of the Grote Kerk. Its function as a weigh house was not abolished until 1930. The Waag was restored in 1990, so that the ecclesiastical office of the Reformed Municipality could have its office here. After a major renovation, the Schiedam Promotion Foundation has been located in De Waag since June 2016.

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  • Pathé Schiedam (cinema)

    Pathé Schiedam (cinema)

    Pathé Schiedam is a 5 star cinema with extra large movie screens, luxurious seats with plenty of legroom, double armrests, '4K laser' projection and the Dolby Atmos sound system. The Euroscoop complex has 11 rooms, which together provide almost 2600 seats. Due to its location right next to Schiedam Centrum Station (also tram, bus and metro stops), Euroscoop is easily accessible by public transport. Euroscoop is located at the entrance and exit of the A20. The parking garage has capacity for 900 cars.

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  • Shopping


    You can shop anywhere. But shopping in a setting of the highest windmills in the world and monumental buildings is only possible in the historic city center of Schiedam! The historic Hoogstraat has original specialty stores such as pop-up stores and shops in the field of interior design, cooking and clothing.

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  • Walking trails

    Walking trails

    It is of course also possible to discover other TOP walking routes on your own. A TOP stands for Tourist Transfer Point. A 'junction' where various signposted and unmarked cycling and walking routes come together. A TOP is easily accessible by car and has ample parking space. You can search for the walking routes (with maps) that pass a Tourist Transfer Point (TOP). Search Schiedam for some routes in the area.

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  • Uurtje SDAM

    Uurtje SDAM

    Schiedam is proud of its tallest windmills and distilleries, where the authentic city center can be recognized at a glance. During the convivial UURTJE S'DAM you will walk with a guide along the various highlights in the historic center of Schiedam. Tickets are for sale through Schiedam Partners.

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    Are you with several people and are you looking for a fun activity? For 4 to max 6 people you can follow a workshop at Serious Bee Distillers in the Distillers District Schiedam. They make a unique Schiedam honey drink in a very special place. During the workshop you will learn everything about bees. Discover how the original divine drink Mead is transformed into beautiful distillates and of course a tasting and a visit to the Speak Easy is part of it.

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  • Discover Schiedam by boat

    Discover Schiedam by boat

    From mid-April to about the end of October it is also possible to discover Schiedam by boat. You will sail past the highest windmills in the world, warehouses and the distilleries in the old town of Schiedam.

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  • Theater aan de Schie

    Theater aan de Schie

    The theater in Schiedam 'Theater aan de Schie' has 702 seats. Theater aan de Schie opened its doors to the public on September 12, 1998. Every year there are approximately 150 professional theater performances and 200 other activities. In 2016, 2017 and 2018, the theater organization was nominated by the ANWB in the election of the most hospitable theater in the Netherlands. The small hall of Theater aan de Schie, where approximately 30 theater facilities are programmed each year, is located in the historic center of Schiedam. This theater room can accommodate 204 people.

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