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Rooftop Restaurant 16th

Schiedam spirits, casual dining

Rooftop Restaurant 16th takes the guest into a new experience, in the world of cocktails in combination with culinary dishes. A bold choice, but we believe that this can form a magical combination.

Cocktails lend themselves perfectly to playing with flavours. By mixing different drinks and using herbs, spices, bitters and garnishes, we put together drinks that perfectly match the dishes we serve. The cocktails are made in collaboration with BarrelProof, a Rotterdam company with a cocktail boutique. Real Schiedam distillates are used in all cocktails and in a number of dishes. We like to collaborate with local entrepreneurs and think it is important to put Schiedam on the map. It bubbles, fizzes, ferments and foams in Schiedam and we bring this to life in the Rooftop Restaurant 16th.

Open exclusively for dinner.

Opening hours:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5:30 pm to 11:30 pm.



Dining at a high level with a view over the city center and the ports of Rotterdam is possible in our exclusive Rooftop Restaurant 16th. With a 360º view of almost all of South Holland and the tens of thousands of lights as the decor of your dinner, you will enjoy a culinary evening that you will never forget.